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Great minds weren’t forged in grease
Child health is at a tipping point

Obesity is one of the biggest crises facing our country, with diet-related disease-causing untold personal misery and costing the NHS £6 billion a year and rising. In the most deprived areas, 1 in 3 children leaves primary school obese, almost double the rates in more privileged areas.

Investing equally in the next generation, equipping every child with the skills to eat and cook real food for themselves, is a proven, vital intervention into their future health, wellbeing and happiness. Yet while the school food system has come a long way, there is still too often beige, boring bad for you food being served up in schools.

“But you can’t change the system.” Nope.
“But good food is expensive”. Wrong again.
“Kids don’t need nice food”. Now that’s just mean.

Better is possible

At Chefs in Schools, we’re delivering nutritious, delicious, inexpensive, generation-powering, mind-opening, society-changing food in schools – and inspiring and enabling schools across the country to follow our lead.

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