A passion for pastry and making a difference

Why Lexa switched to school food

Lexa hails from New Jersey and is the Sous Chef at Lampton. She’s an experienced pastry chef who trained at Ferrandi, an internationally-recognized school of culinary arts. Lexa is also a Sociology graduate, it was her major at college. She always hoped to combine that knowledge with food. Working in a school is allowing her to do just that.

Lexa said: “After I left college, I found pastry and fell in love with food. I knew it was what I wanted to do but I still hoped I’d find a way to put my sociology major to use. Now I feel I’ve hit the jackpot, I’m helping people and I’m cooking.

“Through small interactions I’m introducing new things to them. For example, we serve up rainbow carrots here, some students asked if I’d painted them. It was a chance to explain where the food came from and why it looked like that. Even teachers ask questions and I can open up their food world a little more. 

“When we introduce something new, students might say they don’t like it. I’ll ask why, then we work through it. Then they nudge their friend and say, ‘No man, it’s nice.’ That’s when I think we’ve succeeded. 

“I’m coming up on a year in this job and I didn’t even realise. Some jobs feel like a slog. Not this one. I really love it.”