With schools closing, we need to ensure that vulnerable children and families are getting good quality hot food. Our charity works to improve the health of school children through the provision of fresh, nutritional and tasty school meals. During the coronavirus crisis we need to keep getting that food to vulnerable families. We also need to tackle staff shortages and limited resources in schools, to keep feeding the children of key workers. 

Working with Magic Breakfast, The Felix Project and other charities, we are coordinating a network of schools, restaurants, chefs, suppliers and charities who can keep the hot food coming. 

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How can you help?

Please donate what you can to help. Whether it’s £1 or £100 it will make a difference.

If you’re a chef or kitchen worker who can volunteer to help us meet demand, please get in touch.

If you’re a school or restaurant that can produce meals or distribute parcels in their local area, send us your details.

We need to hear from community groups and charities who know where the need is. Please get in touch and we’ll connect you with people who can help.

We also need thermos boxes, food containers, food packaging and logistical support. Email hello@chefsinschools.org.uk if you can help.

Any food donations should go to Fareshare or The Felix Project

Free School Meals ensure vulnerable children get hot food every school day. With schools closing, that food security is vanishing. We need to feed those children.

We’re a small charity that works to transform school food. We train and support chefs and kitchen teams to run school kitchens with the efficiency and passion for food, of a top restaurant. Our approach radically transforms the quality of food all kids enjoy each day. 

As we’re all being advised to stay in, can you spare the cost of a lunch, dinner, cake or coffee you would’ve spent going out? A small donation can make a big difference. 

Please donate to support us if you can.