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Boxes are for families living with food in security – no child should go hungry because of this crisis.

Our Lunch Box Scheme to feed children who are eligible for, but unable to access, Free School Meals is underway.

The boxes contain a week’s worth of lunches for them and their families, including fresh produce, meals, sauces – such as curries – and essential ingredients.

Our mission has always been to help schools serve nutritious and delicious school meals, made from scratch with fresh produce. We’re determined to keep doing this despite school closures.

In England, 1.3m children qualify for free school meals. For some of these children, it’s their only meal of the day.

The Lunch Box scheme is providing meals to people living in food insecurity. With businesses being forced to close and lay off staff, this number will increase during the Covid-19 crisis. Please donate to support this work. 

We’re also continuing to feed the children of key workers in some schools.

Naomi Duncan, our Chief Executive, says: “No child should go hungry during the Covid-19 crisis and yet many are. Current evidence* suggests more than 50% of families who would qualify for support, aren’t yet receiving any food. 

“Some families simply do not have the money to buy food, some do not even have cooking equipment at home. Our Lunch Box scheme contains a range of nutritious food, and we’re working with schools and volunteers to ensure it ends up in the hands of those who need it the most, please support us if you can.” 

We’re setting up a number of school kitchen hubs to cook the food and package the boxes.

Existing school kitchen teams are being supported by volunteers. Offers of help have come in from chefs, local residents and teachers. On our first day, the kitchen teams made enough food for 7,500 meals.

How to get involved: 

  • Please donate what you can to help. Whether it’s £1 or £100 it will make a difference

  • If you’re a chef or kitchen worker, in the Hackney area, please contact us if you’d like to volunteer.

  • If you’re a school in need of support with logistics, please sign up for more information

  • It’s quick and easy to do all of the above at

Produce has been donated from Lampton School, big and small restaurants – including Ottolenghi, Wahaca and the Hawksmoor. Companies such as Natoora, Rude Health and Belazu are also supporting us.

Our work in school food gives us the expertise and networks needed to do this work, however donations are needed now more than ever.

We work to improve the health of children, through better food and food education in schools. We train chefs and their teams to run school kitchens with the efficiency of a top restaurant. The kitchen teams make all food from scratch and also teach the pupils about food.