We’re very excited to see a recipe from our own Nicole Pisani in the new version of Staying In The Book, a recipe book, featuring over 30 amazing chefs and food writers, compiled by Issy Croker to raise money for us.


Nicole always encourages school chefs to be creative and to cook outdoors if they can. Some of the schools we work with have BBQ areas and hot smoking cupboards – so a recipe that can be barbecued is the perfect fit.

‘In our household we decided to have a Bank holiday BBQ to celebrate the start of the Summer,’ Nicole says.

‘We grilled bavette over the coals – made a classic potato and coleslaw salad and sat in the sun. The simplicity of life feels good.

‘My recipe for Staying In The Book, is great for firing up the BBQ on these beautiful summer days or you can also do this in a griddle pan on the hob.

‘French butchers refer to this steak as bavette, which means “bib”. In the UK, you can also ask for flank, hanger or skirt steak. An increasingly popular steak, with incredible flavour, this cut is most suited to flash frying or barbecuing. It’s a flat sheet of meat, well-marbled, with a soft texture and delicate flavour. An economical cut for a midweek treat. Sear on a high heat for a few minutes on either side and slice into delicious thin ribbons.

‘To really impress, put a whole piece on the barbecue. You can carve it at the table and serve it on a platter. We love to have sharing platters in school canteens because it’s a talking point. If you want to serve steak to your children for the first time, medium/medium rare can be too chewy. I would recommend trying rump steak first as this can be cooked a little more. When introducing new ingredients and textures, it’s important to do it in stages.’

You can download the book online.

The beautiful photo was taken by Issy Croker who launched the book to raise money for our work. Thank you Issy!