Our Covid-19 Free School Meal volunteers, James and Valerie, are off on a fundraising cycle challenge for Chefs in Schools.

James and Valerie volunteered to help us feed children and their families nutritious meals when schools were closed during the pandemic. They decided to fundraise for us after seeing the difference the scheme made to people’s lives.

As well as volunteering and fundraising for us, James is an Exec Chef at two primary schools. He works with us to transform school food and knows how important it is for school communities and the health of pupils.

These photos give a glimpse of what they’ve been serving up this term. James works at Grasmere and Harrington Hill Primary Schools, creating menus, working in the kitchen and running food education.

This term things are trickier with social distancing but the quality of food being served by James and his team is still very high.

The breads look incredible and suitable for a top restaurant!

One of the schools is serving take away lunches in classrooms – these include lots of healthy salads, homemade breads, fruits and healthy snacks.

The other school is serving hot lunches in a socially distanced dining hall. Nuela’s Jollof rice was on the menu last week, James said it was the one of the best he’d ever tasted.

Schools are facing lots of challenges this term – but we think food has to remain a priority. We’re designing recipes and looking at ways to make serving hot food easier.

And if you’d like to support our work and give James and Valerie a boost – the fundraising page is live now.

James said: “Chefs in Schools is a brilliant charity, working to transform school food to improve children’s health and well-being. We want to give back and raise lots of money for Chefs in Schools. It isn’t going to be an easy ride but your donations will give us the boost to get over the finish line!“

Good luck to James and Valerie!