A new nursery has signed up to work with Chefs in Schools. 

Coin Street is a social enterprise, who got in touch for help to find a professional chef who could create menus for kids and help them try new things.

We were lucky to discover Jamila Khan, who’s been working in their kitchen for a few months now. Our Chef Trainer, Nerissa, has been going down to support them.

Like us, the team at Coin Street is committed to changing the way we think about food in schools and making sure we can supply it to tight budgets. People often think it can be expensive to cook from scratch – it doesn’t have to be, as Coin Street is showing.

Marie Kapszewicz, the Senior Operations Manager, said: “Like many nurseries we work on a tight budget and delivering high quality food can be a challenge. We have quickly seen the positive results of our partnership with Chefs in Schools, with happy children and happy budgets.”

And the children are taking to their new Head Nursery Chef really well.

Jamila says: “The children have reacted really well to my new menu. They will often come up to the kitchen window to ask me about ingredients and what I’m making. I think introducing children to healthy, nutrition packed food is hugely important. Not only do they need a variety of nutrients to physically grow and develop healthily, but with so many issues surrounding food, such as childhood obesity, food poverty and body image pressures, teaching the children that food is an experience, and something we need, should love and be comfortable with, is my aim.” 

The parents are noticing a change too.

One parent, Joana, said: “The menu gave our daughter the confidence to try different food and new flavours. The nursery has stimulated her curiosity about food. She is always keen to try new dishes, even the spiciest ones.”

We’re looking forward to seeing how this collaboration develops.