Pupils from the LEAP Federation have been busy creating meals at the Hackney School of Food that could be heading to your homes.

The children spent the day with the team at Tastily – a meal delivery service- cooking up different dishes and recipes.

The aim is to create a new dish for Tastily’s customers.

It’s part of our ongoing collaboration with Tastily. Will and his team are great supporters of our food education work, they donate ingredients for classes, ensuring kids have access to a first-class food education that teaches life skills.

Tom, our Lead Food Educator at the Hackney School of Food, said: “The pupils had such a great time, thank you to Tastily for making them development chefs for the day – I’ve already had a couple of them come to me in the playground asking when they can do it again.”

If you want to help fuel the future, don’t forget we’re a charity – the Hackney School of Food and the work we do in other schools relies on donations. Please support us if you can.