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We are very excited to welcome a new ambassador to Chefs in Schools.

Amelia Freer, the international best-selling author and one of the UK’s leading Nutritional Therapists, is now supporting our work to raise awareness of the role good food can play in the lives of children.

Amelia is also a keen gardener and veg grower so will be providing inspiration for the Hackney School of Food.

Amelia says: “While nutrition has always been my focus, I have come to appreciate the importance of food in a child’s life through a much wider lens of vision: from encouraging them to enjoy food and feel confident cooking, to education about farming and food production, to appreciation and understanding of the wider economic, social and cultural impacts that can influence all of our food choices, as well as the devastating impact of rising childhood food poverty.

“There has to be a hefty dose of realism attached to any discussions on this topic. Yet despite all of this, I still feel deeply that feeding our children as well as we can, and encouraging them to develop a love of good food, is incredibly important – as parents, as educators and as a society.”

More information is over on Amelia’s website, along with some amazing recipes.