We have a huge thank you to share. We were fortunate to have some incredible chefs and donors come together to support us.

Skye Gyngell, Thomasina Miers and Jeremy Lee donated their time and cooked up a school food inspired storm, which was so generously hosted by Fishmongers’ Company who kindly made their banqueting hall available to us – and what a spectacular venue it was – to top it off, beautiful produce supplied by Natoora were the perfect table decorations. This turned out to be one fancy school dinner!

190 guests, one charity auction and so many generous pledges later and <drumroll please> they raised a whopping £250k to help us improve school food for children across the country.

The night itself is only one part of the story – an incredible team of volunteers formed a committee to work alongside our fundraising team to make this event happen and to draw up a list of incredible auction prizes – which were all so very generously donated. It took hours of time, oodles of inspiration and a fair amount of positivity to pull it off!

Nicole, our co–founder, says: “To quote our trustee and great supporter, Thomasina Miers, this was a night that brought people together and showed us the power of good food and how it actually shifts something in people. To add to this, I would say, as a charity we try to achieve that shift in schools every day. With this financial support, we will be able to do so much more!” 

We can’t thank you all enough!

Naomi, our Chief Executive, said: “Words can’t really express how grateful we are to have the support, energy, enthusiasm and goodwill that so many have shown us in helping us bring this event together and make it such a success. We’ll be able to reach so many more children, in so many more schools, with your support – viva la revolution! Thank you.”

your support

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