Sabina Nessa was a teacher at Rushey Green Primary School in Lewisham, one of the schools we support. They are a fantastic team and it’s heartbreaking to know they’ve lost a passionate, caring and dedicated teacher in such cruel circumstances.

A Garden in Memory

When the team at Rushey Green told us they wanted to create an edible garden in Sabina’s memory – we knew we had to help somehow.

The school has an outdoor space but the team needed to raise funds for gardening equipment, fruit trees and educational resources for the kids in order for them to be able to learn and make the most of the garden.

Support the Team at Rushey Green

We’re supporting them with their fundraising efforts and will do whatever we can to help make it a success. All of the money raised is going to the memorial garden – if you’d like to donate, follow the link below.


So why an edible garden?

Sabina ate with her class every single day and would take them to the serving hatch, always encouraging them to talk to the chefs and try new foods on the menu.

When the chefs, Luke and Raab, started growing a few herbs and vegetables to be able to use in their recipes, Sabina was the first to take her class along to have a look and learn about the growing process. 

And they want children to feel safe outdoors:


 “We’d started planting some herbs and building a few beds to grow some produce for the kitchens, I’d mentioned it to Sabina. The next morning, Sabina arrived with her class, all clutching bits of paper and they started drawing leaves and sticks. There wasn’t much for them to see but I remember us saying how much the children enjoyed it and how great it could be. Growing food at the school always felt important but to build something incredible for Sabina would make it mean so much more.”

Luke Kemsley

Head Chef, Rushey Green Primary School

“Creating a safe outdoor space where children can learn and thrive, seems the perfect way to do something positive for Sabina. If anyone is able to donate, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Lisa Williams

Head Teacher, Rushey Green Primary School

Who knows? If the fundraising takes off, maybe Sabina’s garden could grow into a second School of Food. We’d love to see that.