A new school year begins – and it’s gearing up to be a busy one, so if here’s a reminder of how your support is helping children:

“Our son wouldn’t eat the school meal and would also struggle sometimes to eat his own packed lunch and everyday would be a different reason to justify the fact he didn’t eat or he didn’t eat everything. Thanks to the new chef with the help of everyone involved, he is now eating solely the school meal and really indulging himself with the school lunch. He also tells what he had for lunch with great enthusiasm, joy and a sense of gratitude for the food he ate. Thank you!” 

That feedback came from a school we started helping last term.

Here’s where we’re going next:

  • We’ve secured our first school in the South West. Our chef trainer, Nerissa, will be training their current team in October. We’re also well-progressed in discussions with another two schools in the region.
  • In Sheffield, we have six new schools to work with.
  • In London, we have a new school in Hackney.

What we’ve been up to:

Last term, we helped Surrey Square hire Head Chef Uldson Lima. Alongside our chef trainer, Adam, Uldson has revamped the food provision from pre-made mixes and frozen food to goat curries and vegetarian tacos in under three weeks. Furthermore, food waste in the dining hall has been slashed by 75% . They had help from one of the best chefs in London, Conor Spacey from Truro, who gave his time free of charge. 

Charlie came onboard as our new chef trainer, replacing Oli. Charlie was Head Chef at Stormont House. He’s been working alongside Nerissa to transform Redriff Primary’s food. This month, he’ll start supporting Phoenix School. They’ve signed up to our training program to upskill their sous chef into the lead chef role.

Without your support and donations, we couldn’t do any of this hands-on work!

School Chef Educator Training Programme

Yenny has trained two kitchen teams on the school chef educator qualification – Redriff primary and Brentfield primary – and will be training all the kitchen teams in Sheffield in September.

The aim is to train the whole school team (midday supervisors and teachers) on course modules such as school food culture and school food standards.

Our Belazu Equipment Fund will support 22 schools!

Part of our mission is to make every trip to the dining hall a positive, educational experience for children. 

The grants of up to 1,500 will equip kitchen teams with gadgets, help them upgrade dilapidated gear and support schools keen to improve their food culture by brightening up the dining hall.

This has been a new venture for our charity – the first time we’ve awarded grants. We chose to target schools with over 30% of pupils eligible for free school meals. 

Thank you to the Belazu Foundation for making this possible.