breaducation: chefs in schools x kitty tait

Photograph: Murdo MacLeod/The Observer

At Chefs in Schools, we believe in the power of food education: providing children and young people with the knowledge and skills they need to be able to feed themselves and their communities throughout their life should be an integral and exciting part of a young person’s education.

 Kitty Tait is a 19 year old baker. Alongside her dad Al, she’s the co-author of ‘Breadsong’, a cookbook and runs the Orange Bakery with her dad in rural Oxfordshire. Not only is Kitty passionate about baking, but the power that baking can have to affect real change, and she speaks from personal experience. 

Alongside her cookbook and running the bakery, Kitty has now launched Breaducation, and she’s on a mission to get everyone baking! 

One of the first changes we ask schools and school kitchen teams to make as they begin their food transformation journey is to introduce freshly baked bread each day. It fills the school with that ever enticing freshly baked bread smell, and there really is nothing that beats biting into a still-warm-from-the-oven roll of bread. We also work with Wildfarmed to make sure that schools are baking their fresh bread with the best wheat around. 

We’ve partnered with Kitty to introduce her kits (Kitty’s Kits) to our schools, enabling hundreds more children and young people to have access to simple, straightforward way to learn how to bake. 

The kits consist of only 3 ingredients, flour, yeast and salt, and all you do is add water – it really can be that simple! The genius of these kits though is that you’re not limited to one type of bread – you can make your own choice of 5 different recipes: a loaf, flatbreads, baguettes, or pizza! 

Need Inspiration…

the baking obsessed in our team have had a go themselves to prove it really is as simple as it seems!