The sustainable christmas hampers feeding school children:

The Canvin and Catchpole Christmas Hampers are back with a new target to supply 3,000 school meals in partnership with Chefs in Schools and the #giveasausage campaign.

For every Christmas Hamper ordered, the team at Canvin and Catchpole will supply some of their famous burgers to our schools – quite literally helping to feed children with more sustainable produce.

It follows last year’s successful collaboration which helped us serve up lunch to 1500 children.

Scroll through the pictures below for a taste of Christmas


So if you’re stuck on what to buy for loved ones this year and like the sound of this, follow the link below to order one in time for Christmas. 

Canvin and Catchpole Christmas Hampers

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone at Canvin and Catchpole for their work over the festive period to help feed hungry children.

Who are Canvin and Catchpole?

A forward thinking butcher. With 4 generations of butchery to back them up and nearly a century of butchery know-how. They’re also driven by a desire to be truly sustainable.

The name ‘catchpole’ comes from the name of a meadow of theirs that is home to 20 acres of native hardwood trees and nearly a million bees during the summer months (Manuka trees are planted just for the bees too).

Canvin & Catchpole’s fresh produce comes directly from the family farm in Bedfordshire. There, the animals roam free and graze on the land just as Mother Nature intended. Not only does this enable them to bring their customers the very best British Grass Fed meat (and honey) but it also allows them to fulfil a vision for a sustainable future.

Nature is at the centre of everything the team does, always looking to boost local biodiversity. It’s a company that gives back to the land by planting trees and wildflowers and providing a home for rescue swarms. All the deer and cattle are grass fed and free to roam in beautiful pastures that surround the meadows and farm.

The ethos, values and vision behind Canvin and Catchpole is something we’re always keen to support: Delivering high quality produce, developing increasingly sustainable practices and a determination to support the health and wellbeing of children in schools today.

visit the canvin and catchpole website to read their story