We are delighted to reveal Chantelle Nicholson is coming on board as an ambassador for our charity.

Like us, Chantelle cares about food education, seasonality and sustainability. She champions veg-forward cooking in her work at Apricity Restaurant, which won a Michelin Green Star in 2023.

As one of the leading female voices in the UK’s hospitality industry, we’re excited to work with Chantelle to raise awareness of the importance of school food and school kitchen teams. 

Chantelle said: “I’m thrilled to be joining as an ambassador for Chefs in Schools. The work they do, in providing our future society with delicious and nutritious food, is crucially important. I hope to be able to support their work and enable them to go from strength to strength.”

We recently caught up with Chantelle to talk about food and how we could work together. It was interesting to hear how at Apricity they never stop questioning how to make the menus more sustainable and also more nutritious – they’ll take humble ingredients, like lentils, and think how can we make those shine or how can we use them well. 

We think conversations about how we approach food and ingredients are so important and should happen in food education and every school kitchen.

So, watch this space as we’ll be doing lots of creative food education projects for children and kitchen teams, with a focus on sustainability.  

Thank you Chantelle for supporting us!