A new ambassador is joining the school food revolution! We’re very excited to reveal that the renowned and extremely talented chef Emily Scott is supporting our mission to feed the future well.


Emily is our first official South West ambassador and will be helping us to spark a love of varied diets. Emily will be shouting about our work, helping us raise awareness, which is much needed as we’ve recently started working in the South West and are looking for more schools to collaborate with.


Emily’s incredible team at Emily Scott Food will also be supporting us. Emily’s Head Chef Kye is passionate about food education and has lots of ideas about making food exciting for children.


So, watch this space as we’ll be doing lots of creative food education work together and dreaming up a few dishes to be served in schools – or for you to recreate at home.


Here’s why Emily wanted to get involved.

“Life happens around a table. I believe food has the power to connect people and to improve our wellbeing. Whether you have prepared a meal or baked a loaf of bread you can feel a sense of pride. Cooking for one’s family, friends or strangers is one of the most loving of all human skills.  Life is busy and we all need to eat. Food can give us an opportunity to communicate and come together around a table. Keep things simple. Sustainability is something I feel passionate about. I have started growing vegetables, something that is new to me which I am loving so much. It is not always about being the best, it is about having a go. Cooking within the ebb and the flow of the seasons of what nature has to offer, is simply joyful. I want to get involved with Chefs in Schools because their work is important and inspires me. I want to give something back and pass on knowledge to future generations.”


Emily’s expertise and knowledge will be so useful to our mission. We are always very proud when people leading the way in food want to work with us*