Our trustee, Thomasina Miers, was instrumental in getting our charity up and running.

Over the past four years, no matter how busy running Wahaca or writing cookbooks or putting the food world to rights, or raising a family, Thomasina has been a vocal supporter and always on hand to help. In Thomasina’s words, here’s why…

I love that Chefs in Schools makes children love food that is both delicious and good for them. 

I love that this charity shows how possible it is to put good food at the centre of the school curriculum.

In a world where 1 in 3 school children are obese, particularly in deprived parts of Britain I love that Chefs in Schools has acted where the Dept of Education have failed to, giving kids on low incomes decent food that spearheads levelling up.

I love that Chefs in Schools feeds all children delicious, good food that helps them thrive in school and health, no matter what their background.

The work I do at Chefs in Schools makes me deeply happy because we prove, time and again, that better food is not only possible, it is necessary to change society for the better.


Thank you for your support, Tommi! Here’s to the next four years!

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