We love a challenge at Chefs in Schools. The biggest one facing us is – how do we reach more children faster. And that’s where Yenny comes in! Yenny has been busy developing our training programme. 

This is still work in progress but as our fourth birthday passes, our first graduates are finishing our pilot.

Yenny says:

We’ve successfully created a pilot of a school chef training programme, delivering it to 46 learners across 34 schools.

Seeing the learners grow in confidence, happily serve up brown rice, brown bread and brown pasta and watching them deliver food education workshops has been a highlight.

At the end of her training, Estherlove Boateng, from Eversley Primary, taught the whole of Year 6 how to make Salad Nicoise. She had the teachers involved, her kitchen staff helped the children weigh ingredients and follow the recipes and she introduced herself as “the school chef” (a term she would not have used previously).

I believe if we want wider change, more school leaders and governors need to develop their understanding and knowledge of school food culture – what it is, why it is important, what good looks like and how to grow it. Without their support and “promotion of food” – it is hard to change the quality of menus or the recognition of kitchen staff as key members of the school community. 


if you want to transform your school food and work with us on training your team, get in touch.