Long term change is needed in school food.

We’ve been working with a team of incredible researchers to analyse the impact of our work and to assess how best to proceed. We’ll share that with you when it’s ready. But in the meantime – meet Michael, the ever-charming, keen cycler, font of school food knowledge who’s helping us with the research. As our fourth birthday approached, we asked Michael for his reflections on working with us. Here’s what he had to say:

What do I like best about working with Chefs in Schools? 

The talent, inspiration and sacrifice of its founders. How many people would be willing to take a risk of this magnitude to try out such a radical approach to change the fortunes of food in school and the well-being of children? And to pool their aspirations to create such a vibrant organisation.

Their willingness to be self-reflective and embed that in the way in which Chefs in Schools is run. 

The fun. Every event that I have been to is imbued with a sense of joy and hard work and shared reward.

The team. Working with Saher and Yenny has been a joy. (We all second this!)

The future. I hope to continue to be able to provide useful input and insight into the outcomes – learning what works and what doesn’t, and measuring the effectiveness of the interventions. 

And in the true spirit of objective self-assessment: “What do I not like about working with Chefs in Schools?”


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