Hackney teachers: sign up your kitchen teams for training that tackles food-related ill health in children.

With kids facing a steady stream of fast food on every high street, plus junk food advertising online and in public, this training aims to get them happily trying nutritious produce at lunchtime.

 Fully funded by Hackney Council, the short online modules and one in-person workshop cover practical kitchen skills, food presentation, child nutrition, food education, the school food standards and food waste. 

Twenty-six school chefs and one deputy head in Hackney have signed up for the battle to get kids trying better food – now more schools are needed for the course starting 2nd September 2024.

100% of our graduates would recommend this course. Whether your catering is done in house or outsourced, this training makes every day in the dining hall an education in tasty, colourful food.

Sophie Gastman

Chef Trainer, Chefs in Schools