One thing we’re extra proud of about our cookbook – Feed Your Family – is how it showcases some of the incredible people working in school food, including Charlie and Sara, from Stormont House. Their recipe is one we love! 

It’s one Sara made at home. They adapted it to serve it to children at Stormont House SENs school. It’s an Ethiopian Chicken Casserole with Injera – a fermented flatbread that’s usually made over the course of three days, adapted to take around 40 minutes to prepare.

Some of the recipes in our book highlight how skillful the school kitchen teams are and can take a bit of mastering.

This pancake-like bread, made with sourdough starter and water – sounds easy but requires skill. You’ll also need a sourdough starter that’s nice and bubbly.

Sara makes it look so easy, but it took me a few goes to figure it out. Use a dry pan, the injera can stick but usually reveal themselves away from the pan when they’re done. The breads can be sticky after you’ve made them so be careful with that too.


Head Chef, Stormont House

Sara recommends using the injera like a plate, put a curry or stew on top of it and fold it with your hands and eat it that way. Or Sara says to tear it and dunk it into the stew.

To make the injera – you need a bubbly sourdough starter, mix 200g of it with 200mls of water and a teaspoon of salt. Let it rest for 30 minutes. Then cook it in a hot, dry pan, covering with a lid until the edges start lifting away.
Charlie and Sara are a great team

Sara and Charlie are doing extremely important work, helping kids with additional needs to enjoy many different types of food. They encourage them to smell, taste and touch new ingredients, showing how playing with food can be a good thing!

Sara and Charlie remind me of the power that food has to bring people together. When Charlie walks around the canteen, all the kids will call him over and ask about their meal. They want to know everything! But when the food is served up, the room falls silent… everyone eats!”


Co-Founder & Executive Chef, Chefs in Schools

let us know how you get on with this and anything else you try from #FeedYourFamily.

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