Do YOU Give A Sausage About School Food?

– We think all kids should have access to good food in schools

– We know it can be served up on small budgets

– We want kitchen teams to be valued, invested and trained

– Let’s expel processed foods and teach school lunches a lesson

– Join the school FOOD revolution!

Read the science behind school food and why we think change is needed.

Find out what we’re calling on the government to do.

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60% of secondary schools are failing to meet the school food standards

1 in 3 children leave school overweight or obese

1.5m children are at risk of going hungry but missing out on free school meals

1.4 million children experienced food poverty during the school holidays

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What we are asking of the Government

We’re calling on the Government to implement recommendations made in the National Food Strategy, including:


1. Put quality first

  • Set minimum quality standards for health and sustainability in school food, and ensure compliance with the school food standards through a mandatory certification scheme.

2. Invest in the workforce

  • Invest in training the school kitchen workforce in child nutrition and the school food standards, making this a mandatory requirement.

3. Make sure no child misses out

  • Extend eligibility for free school meals to every child who needs them. As a starting point, increasing the earnings threshold for free school meal entitlement to £20,000 up from £7,400. Ensure hungry children don’t miss out because of immigration status by making the temporary extension to those with NRPF status permanent.

Who’s backing the campaign?

Culinary stars and food campaigners – from Tom Kerridge to Prue Leith – are signing up to the school food revolution by backing our campaign to highlight the importance of quality school meals.

The stellar list of chefs, food producers and campaigners, including Henry Dimbleby, Chantelle Nicholson, Amelia Freer, Thomasina Miers, Clemmie Telford, Biteback 2030 ambassador Christina Adane and the Food Foundation all want people ‘To Give A Sausage’ about school food.

“I support this campaign with all my heart. Schools can offer a fantastic opportunity to teach children to cook and eat good food that will set them up for life.”

Prue Leith, restaurateur, chef, broadcaster and writer.

“This is a cause close to my heart.  It’s heartbreaking to think that 4.2 million children in the UK are living in poverty, no child should go to bed hungry but far too many do. Serving good food in schools is vital if we want children to learn and reach their potential.” 

Tom Kerridge, Co-founder of Full Time Meals with the England footballer Marcus Rashford.

“There is more and more research showing that good school lunches are associated with better child health, behaviour and attainment. Kids are our future, let’s feed them like it. We need to stop talking and start changing things in every school. The days of highly processed food being the norm should be far behind us, but no one is checking that the standards are being followed. School food has to be good to eat and good for our kids, so I support this campaign wholeheartedly.”

Thomasina Miers, Wahaca Co-Founder and former Masterchef winner.