Food fuels us, we all know this but when it comes to school food, sometimes it’s forgotten. We’re calling on politicians to forget it no more. 

We’ve published a manifesto that outlines the concrete steps needed to nourish the next generation. Read, support and share our vision for change. Help us ensure politicians realise immediate action on school food is needed. 

Whichever party comes to power next week, we’re calling on them to exploit the vital intervention school food offers when it comes to food-related ill health. With the right approach, every day in the dining hall can educate children about varied diets and smart food choices.

Food is education. Kids are our future – let’s feed them like it. 

We’ve worked alongside so many incredible campaigners, teachers, school business managers, chefs, nutritionists, pupils and more, and have pulled those learnings into our short manifesto – this sets out three steps needed to further the school food revolution. 

Please share it far and wide to ensure it reaches the people with power to bring about change.