Nerissa was employee number 1 at Chefs in Schools. She’s been so influential in how we operate that there was no way a Chefs in Schools cookbook wasn’t going to feature her insights along with some of her most famous recipes!

Nerissa’s joy for food lights up every classroom and kitchen.

When things go wrong, she will always have a solution and magic incredible dishes out of few ingredients. Her passion for getting kids to enjoy vegetables knows no bounds. 

One of Nerissa’s most famous recipes is her Butternut Squash Cake: “This recipe is one we share with every school we work with. It was developed out of necessity but became a hit. I was at a school one day and we needed a cake ASAP for lunch. We like to get as much fruit or vegetables to our cakes as we can and I was hunting around for some to put in, when I remembered we were baking butternut squash whole in the oven for the next day. It was a lightbulb moment and what a yummy result.” 

Nerissa has seen first hand the difference our work can make to children and young people, especially during the pandemic, when children who were already at risk of food insecurity were suddenly faced with the very real possibility of going hungry:

Just before the first Covid lockdown in March 2020, two little girls came up to the pass. One of them was really shy and the other was holding her hand to encourage her. The shy girl asked for seconds. She was really hungry because there was no food at home and she wanted to take some home to her sister who had nothing to eat. I wrapped up a load of fish and beans so she could take them back at the end of the day, and I told the Headteacher. The school took care of that family’s food for the whole of lockdown.”

You can grab your copy of our cookbook now, just click here. Why not have a go at Nerissa’s Butternut Squash Cake yourselves and send us the results! Every copy bought allows us to keep on going with the school food revolution, and helps support amazing school chefs and schools alike in their mission to transform school food.