Our Campaigns

At Chefs in Schools, we want to fuel the future. As well as our revolutionary work in school kitchens, we campaign for change, working with organisations like BiteBack 2030, School Food Matters, Sustain and the Food Foundation to ensure all children can access great school food.  Get involved in our campaigns to help make our vision of a healthy, happy and thriving generation of young people a reality.


Is your dining hall a little dilapidated, does your cutlery need the chop or could your food education be finessed? If so, thanks to the Belazu Foundation we might be able to help.


Join the efforts to celebrate school food on ISMD. Read on for some recipes that are sure to get your school staff and pupils talking.


I #GiveASausage about school food – it can boost kids’ health, wellbeing and attainment. All kids should eat well at school.

Hackney School of Food

We’re teaching kids to fall in love with good food. Donate and fund cooking classes at the Hackney School of Food.


Join the #EndChildFoodPoverty campaign now and take simple steps that could bring about long-term change. No child should go hungry.

Support Us

We believe every child should have access to nutritious and delicious food at school. Help us fuel the future, donate now.