Our School Chef Qualification

Help us create a nationwide school chef qualification.

We’re launching a School Chef Qualification pilot and need schools in Lambeth and Southwark for the free pilot phase.

The qualification aims to improve child health through school food by teaching nutrition, portion sizes and the school food standards.

We have funding from the Impact on Urban Health to trial the qualification in the Southwark and Lambeth areas as these boroughs are disproportionately affected by child obesity, which can cause diabetes, some cancers, heart disease and other preventable health conditions.

Available to in-house kitchen teams and contract caterers, the course helps schools introduce small changes that could make a big difference to the health of children.

Who can take part?

  • All kitchen staff in state primary & secondary schools in Southwark and Lambeth, including Kitchen Managers, Head Chefs, Kitchen Assistants and Chef Managers

Participants can expect to

  • Discover ways to educate children on choosing and eating healthier options
  • Gain new techniques on cooking and presenting food
  • Learn if they meet the School Food Standards

Schools need to

  • Allow staff 2 hours a week to learn and complete online lesson materials
  • Provide learners with a laptop or learning tablet

Why take part?

  • School food has been in the headlines for the wrong reasons during the pandemic, be part of the effort to increase standards across the country.
  • Your catering teams are busy feeding hungry kids – this training gives managers one less thing to worry about.

The start date for training is in September 2021.


EMAIL TO SIGN UP > yenny@chefsinschools.org.uk

The School Chef Educator Qualification is a free online course. It teaches about school food standards, portion sizes, food displays, plus tips and tricks that will get children excited about choosing more nutritious options.

We created the training course as there is no official or required training program for school catering teams – even though they are responsible for feeding hundreds of children each day.

The training program can be completed over a 14 week period, staff will need to commit a minimum of just two hours a week to complete the modules.

“Childhood obesity has become a national emergency – but one, that as a society, we can tackle. The school dining hall presents an amazing opportunity to foster an enjoyment of good food and to learn about healthier food choices.

It is vital that school kitchen teams have the knowhow to serve food that is nutritious, balanced and in the right quantities, but at the moment there is no tailored training available for them. With the help of schools from Southwark and Lambeth, we can develop training that could help improve child health not just in these areas, but across the country.”

Yenny Chong

Chefs in Schools Head of Training