Chefs, students and the Craft Guild of Chefs worked together to put on a pop-up supper club with a difference – serving school lunch to the diners.

Who Was Involved?

The Craft Guild of Chefs, the leading Chefs’ Association in the UK, put on the event in collaboration with the school food charity, Chefs in Schools, Loughborough College and their Chef Lecturer, Darren Creed. 

The organisations hosted the dinner at the Craft Guild accredited Radmoor Restaurant, at the Leicestershire-based college, on November 4th..

What Was On The Menu?

The attendees were served Bourek Spring Rolls with whipped feta and mint oil, Koji Chicken Wings with Gouchujank Ketchup, Pea and Ricotta Edible Garden and Baked Hake with Maltese Potatoes, with pavlova to finish – all dishes that are served in schools.


The event aimed to raise awareness of the food being served in schools and how the industry offers a creative and challenging career to chefs.  Twenty percent of the ticket sales were donated to Chefs in Schools – raising over £250 for the charity.

In the kitchen on the night were the charity’s chef trainers, 15 students from the college and Chef Darren Creed working together to recreate the dishes that are served to hundreds of children in schools every week.

“At Chefs in Schools we firmly believe that school food should be food that rivals restaurant food and is something everyone wants to eat. 

“The event was a welcome opportunity to showcase the food that we prepare in our schools and to highlight how creative school food can be. 

“As well as looking beautiful, this food is nutritious and designed to fuel brains as well as to fill bellies.”

Nicole Pisani

Co-Founder & Executive chef, Chefs in Schools

Loughborough College has an onsite commercial restaurant which prepares students for the industry. Food education is a passion of their lecturer Darren Creed, the Craft Guild of Chefs and Chefs in Schools. 

“The food the students served up for the event  was superb. They also learned a whole menu of new dishes with great flavours and creative presentation.”

Darren Creed

Darren Creed, Curriculum Manager for Hospitality and Travel, Loughborough College

The Craft Guild of Chefs has members from all aspects of the foodservice and hospitality industry. They’ve recently started to support Chefs in Schools and to fundraise for the charity.

“A huge thank you to all involved in pulling off such a successful evening. To the Craft Guild, the chefs in the kitchen and everyone who worked tirelessly to make the event so enjoyable for all. 

“Events like these allow us to step back and appreciate all the many people who are committed to fueling future generations and supporting the mission to transform school food for the better.”

Naomi Duncan

Cheif Executive, Chefs in Schools

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