We reach over 20,000 (and counting) pupils each day, helping the school kitchen teams to serve up clean, healthy, inexpensive, generation-powering, mind-opening, society-changing food in schools.

It’s a no brainer – hungry or tired kids don’t learn. If we fuel the future well, kids will benefit and social mobility improves. But we also believe that food should be good to eat. We want to see teachers, school staff and all pupils lining up to see what’s on the menu and enjoying the dishes.

We won’t lie, it can be challenging changing the school food, but it’s worth it.

Ready to join the revolution?! Start by sitting down with your school chef or caterer and taking these simple steps:

1.      Download, print and sign our school food charter, committing to work together to deliver it

2.      Download our guide to What Works Well. Put a printed copy in your office and the kitchen and tick off the actions as you work your way through

If you are looking to transform food culture and education in your school and you need more help, please send more information by completing the form below.

Please note that we receive a huge number of requests. All schools are automatically registered on our database and we will be in touch as soon as we are able to offer you support. Registering will also sign you up to our newsletter, containing useful info and inspiration for your school food journey.

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Don’t take our word for it, here’s what School Teachers have to say:

“The school is thriving, academic performance is some of the highest in the country, attendance is great, behaviour brilliant and the school is 200% over subscribed with parents very keen to get their children in. It’s hard to quantify how much of this is down to the food, but the boost to the school community’s esteem in so many ways is palpable,”

Louise Nichols, Exec Head of LEAP Federation and Co-founder of Chefs in Schools

“We have quickly seen the positive results of this partnership with happy children and happy budgets. I can’t thank Chefs in Schools enough and would recommend them to others,”

Marie Kapszewicz, Coin Street Nursery

“We’ve been blown away by the difference it makes at the school. Children are excited to be eating lunch much more than they ever were, they’re asking about it and interested in the food. Head Chef James’ passion enthuses others, the number of teachers who have school dinners has shot up”.

Nick Mallender, Head Teacher at Grasmere