It’s a new year and we’ve kicked off 2023 with our brand new school Chef educator Programme. 

Last week was the first official training day and introduction to the programme we’ll be rolling out throughout the year. 

As part of the day the group cooked with our co-founder and executive chef Nicole, as well as junior chef trainer Andy, and head of training Laura, who is running the programme. 

The group focused on snacks, which was an item that the school chefs had requested more ideas and training on. 

Thanks to Natoora, a ‘mystery magic’ box was supplied – the chefs were then challenged to select ingredients and create a new dish from them. They then explained their dishes to each other and all ate together. 

After lunch the Chefs in Schools team delivered a training session on Good School Food Culture, sharing school food memories, what we do to improve school food culture, and what more the chefs can do in their schools in the future. 

The training programme is the result of a long held belief at Chefs in schools, that school chefs are important roles within the school community, and that by elevating and investing in the people who work in school kitchens, not only can we improve the quality of school food for younger generations, we can also show that school food is and can be a fruitful, rewarding and challenging career to get in to.