school chef educator training 

We offer training programmes to support schools and their kitchen teams in delivering excellent school food, nourishing children’s bodies and minds. 

Our training is designed for chefs, schools and caterers who are passionate about transforming school food, and who want to gain the knowledge and skills needed to create a positive food culture in their schools.

Our programmes cover a range of topics, from the big picture of school food culture and food waste reduction to the details of nutrition and meeting the School Food Standards.

We also offer modules on craft skills such as increasing pupils’ vegetable intake, food education and creating attractive food displays that inspire children to make more nutritious choices.

Our expert trainers are experienced school chefs, educators and food experts who combine theory and practice to deliver engaging and informative sessions.

Our training programmes can be tailored to the needs of youR school, and can be delivered in a flexible way that suits you.


If you want to impROve the food in your school, boost pupils’ health and wellbeing, and create a positive food culture that lasts, get in touch with our training team today.


“Working with Chefs in Schools, particularly the chef educator programme, has produced a team of Chefs in our service who are even more dedicated and fired up to work with ever more fresh ingredients, make dishes that are not traditionally thought of as school dinners and work directly with the children delivering tasting sessions and more importantly cooking sessions with the children to make food the heart of the schools.” James Barrington, Enfield Catering Services. 

Are you a school cook who wants to make a difference in children’s lives beyond just serving meals?
Do you want to empower your kitchen team to help children develop healthy relationships with food and learn about nutrition? 
Then our School Chef Educator Programme is for you.

What is covered in the programme?

We cover three main themes in our School Chef Educator programme.

The School Chef Educator programme is designed for school chefs who are passionate about creating healthy, delicious meals that will nourish their pupils’ bodies and minds. Whether you are a seasoned chef or just starting out, this programme will give you the tools you need to transform your school food culture and create a legacy of good food for generations to come.

1. The Big Picture

In this module, you will learn about the key elements of a good school food culture, including how to reduce food waste, and build strong and happy kitchen teams. You will also explore the benefits of involving pupils in the food culture of your school, and how to create a sense of community around the kitchen.


2. Nutrition and School Food Standards

In this module, you will delve deeper into the School Food Standards, learning about the requirements for a healthy, balanced meal and how to ensure that your menus meet these standards. You will also learn about the role of nutrition in children’s health and well-being, and how to create menus that are both delicious and nutritious.


3. Craft & Educator Skills

In this module, you will learn practical skills for increasing pupils’ vegetable intake, such as how to prepare and cook vegetables in a way that is appealing to children. You will also learn about the importance of food education and how to incorporate it into your daily routines, and how to create visually appealing displays that inspire children to try new foods.

why would you recommend the programme?

Meet Sandra, Head Chef at Spa Camberwell School and hear what she has valued most from the School Chef Educator programme. 

I was genuinely surprised how much I enjoyed it all!

School Chef, Doncaster 2023.

My favourite part of the training was watching food being turned into amazing recipes so simply.

School Chef, Sheffield 2023.

I could see what the other students were doing and gained interesting ideas.

School Chef, London 2021.

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