Vegucating the future with Riverford

sowing the seeds of a veg fuelled future

Partnering with our friends at Riverford, our aim is to train a total of 255 school chefs, to carry out in-depth kitchen transformations and to reach 40,000 children over the next four years. We’re supporting schools to ensure the food on offer is the best it can be: colourful to look at, flavourful to taste and the perfect fuel kids need to learn.


1. flexible training

Thanks to Riverford, we’re offering fully funded training courses to schools across the region. These short training courses involve one in-person workshop at Riverford HQ followed by a series of thirty minute online modules, suited to any school catering set up, passing on tips and tricks to make vegetables more interesting, food waste less likely and staff more confident talking to pupils about food.


2. Intensive support

We’ll work with your kitchen team onsite with one of our experienced Chef Trainers to help ensure fresh, flavourful and colourful food is served to kids within your school budgets – packet mixes, junk food and fizzy drinks are out, whereas meals made freshly, from scratch and with love are most definitely in. This part-funded, in-depth training will put ‘vegucation’ at the heart of your school.

flexible training - apply now

Applications for the programmes are open now. Any school in Devon and Cornwall can apply.

intensive support - apply now

Fill in our enquiry form to start your transformation journey and work with our Chef Trainers onsite.


Riverford was founded by farmer Guy Singh-Watson in Devon in 1987, when he started delivering organic vegetables to 30 local homes via what was one of the first veg box schemes.

They now deliver around 70,000 organic veg boxes every week across the country to a loyal band of customers who share the company’s environmental and ethical ethos.  

But it’s not just about sustainable food – Guy’s passion for ethical business led him to handing over the reins of Riverford to its staff and the company became employee owned in June 2018, ensuring its ethical values will be protected forever.

Now they’re supporting charities and organisations trying to make a difference through food.

To learn more about Riverford, click here.

“School kitchen teams have a wealth of knowledge to share, this collaboration will ensure they can use that expertise to make delicious, nutritious meals and snacks, which should be the norm in every school.”

Laura Mumford

Director of Transformations, Chefs in Schools

“This initiative represents a crucial step towards ensuring every child enjoys the benefits of fresh, vegetable-rich diets. It’s about more than just feeding children; it’s about teaching them and their families the value of good, wholesome food.”

Guy Singh-Watson

Founder, Riverford


If you’re not in the south west but still want to get stuck into some ‘vegucation’, why not download our food education toolkit, a free resource we put together full of tips and tricks on how to get your school growing and gardening.