What to Expect:

We reach tens of thousands of pupils each day, helping the school kitchen teams to serve up nutritious, inexpensive, generation-powering, mind-opening, society-changing food in schools.

We tailor our offering to each school or academy trust but have three main ways of working:

1 – Training of your existing team to start cooking food in house, from scratch.

2 – We help you to recruit additional staff and/or Head Chefs, who we then train and support to transform the food on offer.

3 – We help your chain of schools or MAT recruit an Exec Chef, who will be responsible for a set number of schools. We also develop a training programme for that chef and the different kitchen teams.

The early days – the first few months

We carry out an audit, prepare a proposed plan of action and your bespoke training programme.

Once contracts are signed, our chef trainers begin teaching your kitchen teams, new menus are drafted and suppliers brought on board.

The dining hall starts being treated as a classroom – each visit is an education where children learn about food while they enjoy what they are eating and the experience.  

Looking ahead – preparing for long-term change

Over the next few months, we bring parents on board – offering tasting sessions of the menu. 

We start looking at growing spaces and what cooking curriculum could work at your school.

We support the kitchen team to instil a whole school food ethos within the school.

Into the future

We offer ongoing support and training. Your kitchen team has access to our menus, our Chefs Alliance – a network of school kitchen teams – and our suppliers.

We work with you to embed food education within the school day and to link the garden to the menu.

Each school presents a different challenge, unexpected issues can occur, but we always get there in the end and the whole school benefits. 

The cost?

We do charge for our service but as a charity, we aim to keep costs of the transformation as low as possible. In some cases, we can arrange match-funding to help your school. 

When it comes to ongoing costs for the food and produce your team uses, you may be surprised to find out it doesn’t have to cost more than the existing budget. As well as training your team to cook from scratch, we show them how to make the most out of the produce. Meat-free days are introduced, which allows for savings. And smart thinking means leftovers become snacks for the following day. 

Our priority is to fuel the future – but we’ve proved it’s possible to make exciting, creative school meals well within school budgets.

Take all of that into account – it’s a no-brainer to serve great-tasting, sustainable nutritious food.

If you are a Headteacher and your school is ready to join the revolution, send us your details. 

Case Study 01

Recruiting a new team.

Case Study 02

Training an existing team.


Don’t take our word for it, here’s what School Teachers have to say:

“The school is thriving, academic performance is some of the highest in the country, attendance is great, behaviour brilliant and the school is 200% over subscribed with parents very keen to get their children in. It’s hard to quantify how much of this is down to the food, but the boost to the school community’s esteem in so many ways is palpable,”

Louise Nichols, Exec Head of LEAP Federation and Co-founder of Chefs in Schools

“We have quickly seen the positive results of this partnership with happy children and happy budgets. I can’t thank Chefs in Schools enough and would recommend them to others,”

Marie Kapszewicz, Coin Street Nursery

“We’ve been blown away by the difference it makes at the school. Children are excited to be eating lunch much more than they ever were, they’re asking about it and interested in the food. Head Chef James’ passion enthuses others, the number of teachers who have school dinners has shot up”.

Nick Mallender, Head Teacher at Grasmere

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