From Head Chef at NOPI to School Food

Meet out co-founder, Nicole Pisani

Nicole worked at Modern Pantry and as Head Chef at NOPI. She’s written cookbooks including, Salt Butter Bones, and is described as one of the most exciting food talents around today. In 2014, Nicole started working in school food at Gayhurst Primary School and hasn’t looked back.

Nicole says:

“As soon as I started working in a school kitchen, I realized it was so much more than a 7-3 job, there was so much I could do with regards to the food and the whole school culture, from teaching where food comes from and how to make it. It allowed me to be creative as well. Designing menus, choosing suppliers, sourcing great produce, and then turning that into really good food.”

“I wanted us to serve food that was made with love and from scratch, that everyone would want to eat. If it’s not flavored and seasoned properly and it doesn’t taste good why would you serve that to someone else, especially a child who is forming a relationship with food?”

Fast forward to today and we’ve set up Chefs in Schools. We’re applying restaurant standards, techniques and ways of working into schools. We feed over 10,000 pupils a day and have trained over 120 staff – but we want to do more.

“We need chefs with vision, passion and ideas if we’re going to make this work. Teamwork is important to us. Everyone in the kitchen has to feel valued and respected. Weekends and evenings are your own as we think it’s important to recharge. We need to be serving good food to children all around the UK, it benefits them, benefits us, and, in the end, benefits society.”

If you want a #chefjob that gives something back and impacts on future generations, please register with us!