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Do you want your pupils to eat the freshest of school food, made from scratch, that feeds their bellies and minds?

 Are you ready for a whole school approach to food that can boost attainment, well-being and child health?

 Do you want to be compliant with the School Food Standards?

Then get in touch with us.

Our charity is on a mission to transform child health school by school, class by class, plate by plate.

We’ve developed a proven and affordable model which will get your kitchen team throwing out packet mixes and ultra-processed readymade meals, replacing them with freshly made meals, packed with nutrients and incredible ingredients – such as fish prepped and breaded in house, sauces packed with vegetables and bread made from scratch every day.

We’ll also transform your food education – ensuring you’re laying the foundations for children to have a life-long love of food.

And we’ll help you to grow produce, on a scale suitable to your school, which feeds, nourishes and teaches your pupils about food.

After working with us – both teachers and pupils will look forward to their lunch.

We target our work in areas with the highest need – whether that’s schools with a significant number of children eligible for free school meals or a school that needs urgent support with their food.

If you are a Headteacher and your school is ready to join the revolution, get in touch and tell us about your school.

Want to know how our model works? Read more about how we work.

Eager to start making changes?

Sign up to our School Food Charter and download our resources – these will help you assess and improve what kids are eating in your school.

The benefits to your school will be wide-ranging – research shows great school food makes obesity fall, while health, wellbeing and attainment increase.

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